Preparing for Change

Preparing for Change

In life, things change every day. But there are some things we do over and over and over again every day for years and years. For me, that was Starbucks. I loved working for that company. I was with them for 6 years. I loved my coworkers and my every day regular customers. They made the job special. On top of all this, Starbucks provided me and my family with top of the line health insurance at such a low rate it would blow your mind. The job provided me with extra income as well as free coffee and tea. 

Although I am passionate about coffee, I am also passionate about teaching, which is why I’ve decided to leave Starbucks for good and fully pursue my teaching career. I taught last year and worked at Starbucks at the same time but I felt like my teaching career was lacking because of how much time I had to invest in Starbucks as well. This is a hard decision because I’m leaving behind an extra income, my health care, and a family. But I’m also gaining time with my own family and keeping myself healthy by not allowing myself to get burnt out. Preparing for this meant creating a strict budget and finding new affordable health care. I also had to prepare myself mentally because I was leaving behind such a huge part of my life. Change number 1.

Change number 2. Both of my children will be at school with me this year!! A great change that I am thankful for yet saddened by. My sweet boys are growing up. Gabe will be in kindergarten and Joseph in preschool. This summer Gabe and I really worked hard preparing him for handwriting and rule following. It’s been quite the challenge. 

Time really does fly when you’re too busy to realize they’re growing! I can’t miss anymore time with them. And to all of you who were guessing that I’m pregnant, I’m not. I promise.

Finally, change number 3. God has done so much for James and I as a couple and this was one of the most precious; allowing us to be baptized together. This was a moment that I will cherish forever. And we are forever changed by it. We are thankful to have found a church home that has inspired us from the get go; teaching us, loving us, feeding us the word. Getting baptized marks a new chapter in our lives because we are new and washed clean in the eyes of our father. 

These changes may not seem big to you, but our family has already been blessed by following God’s lead. We were worried about our finances and those worries were hushed with bonuses we weren’t expecting, great success with my new business, and an all too generous gift from a friend who was saying thank you for a favor we did.

I hope you are blessed by my words that no matter how big or small the changes in your life are, follow the path God has for you and he will show you his love and kindness.




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